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MotS 3 pages <3

So, since Bean's got these up at her personal site but not over here, thought I'd take the time to link you guys. If you wanna take a look, these are the first pages of MotS volume 3 to be made public. Textless, but you'll just have to wait till the release date to see what's going on in them. ^_^

Mark of the Succubus, vol. 3 // ch. 1 // p. 1-4
Images © Tokyopop, Irene Flores, and Ashly Raiti

Mark of the Succubus, vol. 3 // ch. 2 // p. 32-35

Mark of the Succubus, vol. 3 // ch. 2 // p. 45-49

In random other news, MotS got mentioned in one of Fandom!Secrets' secrets posts. <3

And now I'm off to make some MotS icons, because really, this comm needs more love. ^^
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