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Maeve icon!

I made this awhile back and totally forgot to put it up here. Sorry! But in any case, help yourselves if you like it. ^_^

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I don't know if I dropped excelsiors on the previous MotS forum yet or not, but I wanted to congratulate you on volume two for continuing the trend established by the first volume, being engrossing and delightful, and improving upon said trend. I eagerly await volume three to see how it concludes.

Keep a good thought,

-Electric Monkey a.k.a. Dan Bethel
I hope I'm not being a bother but... Just out of curiosity, is there any more information on that french version of MotS that was mentioned a few posts back? (I know its kind of a random question, but I read volume one a few nights ago, and it was awesome! If there was a french version of it, though, it would be even better!)