Irene Flores (beanclam) wrote in mots_manga,
Irene Flores

Signed volume 2 copies...

Okay, so I ordered books from Tokyopop and should have them by Oct. 23 or 24.

If anyone's interested in a signed/sketched-in copy (and you can't make it to a signing), you can buy one from me for $11 (includes shipping). Paypal, checks, or money order is good. Can't take cash, sorry. ^^;

Irene Flores
3647 Via Orilla
Lompoc, CA 93436

Oh, and if you know anyone who wants a signed copy of volume 1, I've got those lying around, too (same price)

NOTE: It's just my signature and sketch. Can't get Ash to sign it from where she is. ^^;
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