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Um...if I maybe so bold as to ask.... [27 Mar 2008|06:46pm]
[ mood | embarrassed but determined too ]

Hello!!! Djon here, um...I just wanted to know if anyone was able to save the lyrics I typed up for the old forum? I should've posted it on Ate Ashly's birthday...I think...I know it was sometime around the 7th of November.

I lost my only hard copy of it and I never really saved it on my computer. I was just suddenly struck with the feeling of drawing something to accompany it (I blame my CW teacher, Mr. Gandy). So, if anyone does have a copy of it, would you mind sending it to me please? Just copy and paste it to a comment. Thank you!

I am so sorry if I've used this post in the comm inappropriately! I just really wanted to see those lyrics again! *bows deeply and scuttles to corner to wait*



...huh. [22 Oct 2007|12:07am]

Wow. We've got reviews in French.

For volumes one and two. Anyone speak French? :D
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MotS icons [30 Sep 2007|04:58pm]

[ mood | full ]

New icons behind the cut.


Help yourselves!Collapse )


MotS 3 pages <3 [30 Sep 2007|03:10pm]

[ mood | mellow ]

So, since Bean's got these up at her personal site but not over here, thought I'd take the time to link you guys. If you wanna take a look, these are the first pages of MotS volume 3 to be made public. Textless, but you'll just have to wait till the release date to see what's going on in them. ^_^

Images behind the cut; careful, folks with dialup.Collapse )

In random other news, MotS got mentioned in one of Fandom!Secrets' secrets posts. <3

And now I'm off to make some MotS icons, because really, this comm needs more love. ^^

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Maeve icon! [16 Jan 2007|12:27am]

I made this awhile back and totally forgot to put it up here. Sorry! But in any case, help yourselves if you like it. ^_^

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Signed volume 2 copies... [13 Oct 2006|01:33pm]

Okay, so I ordered books from Tokyopop and should have them by Oct. 23 or 24.

If anyone's interested in a signed/sketched-in copy (and you can't make it to a signing), you can buy one from me for $11 (includes shipping). Paypal, checks, or money order is good. Can't take cash, sorry. ^^;

Paypal: beanclam@hotmail.com
Irene Flores
3647 Via Orilla
Lompoc, CA 93436

Oh, and if you know anyone who wants a signed copy of volume 1, I've got those lying around, too (same price)

NOTE: It's just my signature and sketch. Can't get Ash to sign it from where she is. ^^;
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Vol. 2 preview [10 Oct 2006|05:33pm]

Man, this comm needs more love. ^^;

I've posted a preview of volume 2. Click away to read all of chapter 1.

I've also updated the pics on the Preview section of the site. It's got the first four pages of chapter 2.
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News and stuff.. [28 Sep 2006|09:15pm]

... because I really need to start posting on this comm.

* MotS volume 2 will be out Nov. 7, 2006. I'll be doing book-signings and library presentations in the So-Cal area, so stop by if you're around.

* A French licensor ( Akilios) has licensed MotS! Hehe... everyone's gonna be speaking French. I dunno when it's coming out, but my editor has promised me a copy.

* Am working on posting chapter 1 of vol. 2, because TPOP is apparently not updating those manga previews anymore.

characters ... [27 Jul 2006|06:44am]

I know, I'll be completely unoriginal and start things off with a favorite character poll!

click to vote! it'll be awesome!Collapse )

I must say, that was a really tough decision. But the hair takes precedent.
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[27 Jul 2006|06:30am]

Hey there, fellow Mark of the Succubus lovers!

The userinfo has finally been changed. I originally intended for this to be all organized and stuff, but I suck (not new news :/ ).

Sometime soon I'll be compiling a links list of mots related articles, scans, art, etc. But in the meanwhile, let's get this community off the ground, shall we? Feel free to post anything (discussions, art, fics, icons, whatev). Vol. 2 is just around the corner ... who else is excited?
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coming soon ... [24 Nov 2005|05:36am]


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